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We provide you a UK delivery address to use for all your UK shopping. UK2NAIJA combines your multiple packages into one, to save you more money on your international shipping charges to your doorstep in Nigeria. 

1. Get a UK Address

We provide you a dedicated delivery address to use for all your UK shopping

2. Ship to the UK Address

Use your new UK delivery address to receive your goods when purchasing from UK stores

3. We Ship Your Packages

We consolidate your multiple packages and ship to your doorstep in Nigeria.
UK delivery address

1. Get a UK Address

Begin shopping right away using your dedicated UK delivery address.

Register & Get It FREE Instantly!

UK delivery address

2. Shop & Ship To Your New UK Address

Use your UK2NAIJA address as your delivery address when purchasing from UK stores.

Shop thousands of UK online shopping sites now at your fingertips. Simply enter your UK address at checkout, and your purchases will be shipped (often for free) to our facility.

It does not matter if the store only ships within the UK, with UK2NAIJA you now have access to all UK merchants and the millions of great products and special offers available!

Shopping Tip: Having difficulty buying from a UK store? Use Buy4me and we make the purchase for you!

UK doorstep delivery

3. We Receive, Consolidate & Ship Your Goods

We'll receive and consolidate your packages.

When your packages arrive at our UK facility, we log them in to your account and notify you. 

We ship and you get your goods, fast and worry-free.
Our support doesn't end when your package leaves our facility. We are there every step of the way to ensure you receive your package on time and in perfect condition.

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